Product Showcase Breakfast

The Product Showcase Breakfast provides sponsoring companies the opportunity to host healthcare facility executives, architects, engineers, capital equipment planners, and facility owners for breakfast in your Product Showcase Room to share your unique value proposition in an intimate environment.

Participating in the Product Showcase Breakfast offers a unique opportunity to display and promote your product throughout the ACE Summit. Utilize this opportunity to create a competitive advantage in the ever-changing healthcare world.


For more information on participating in the ACE Summit Product Showcase Breakfast, please contact Trey Beuttel at 859.523.5701.

Product Showcase Sponsors for the 2022 ACE Summit

St. Andrews A

St. Andrews B

Royal Dublin A

Royal Dublin B

Royal Melbourne A

Note: Each attendee who visits all the Product Showcase Booths will have the opportunity to name the non-profit organization of your choice to receive a $100 donation from the ACE Summit.