Sara Marberry
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Sara Marberry EDAC
Writer, Speaker, Marketing Consultant
Sara Marberry, LLC
Speaker Bio
Sara Marberry, EDAC, is a knowledge expert and opinion leader in healthcare design. A frequent speaker, blogger, and tweeter on current trends, she is the author/editor of five books and a regular contributor to healthcare design industry publications. Sara is also a strategic marketing and business development consultant, working with companies and organizations in the healthcare and design industry. A founding board member of the nonprofit Center for Health Design (CHD) in 1993, Sara was instrumental in its growth and development, serving in various volunteer, consulting, and staff roles. Sara served as CHD's Acting President in 1999 and as its consulting Director of Communications for more than 14 years. She has spoken at many national conferences and meetings, including the Children's Hospital Association International Facilities & Capacity Conference, NeoCon World Trade Fair, American College of Healthcare Executives Congress, Healthcare Design, Planetree Conference, and the Joint Commission Conference on Quality & Safety.