Calvin Sproul
Full Name
Calvin L Sproul Manager Wireless Technologies
Administrative Coordinator
Johns Hopkins Health System
Speaker Bio
Calvin Sproul has been at Johns Hopkins Hospital, School of Medicine, University for 20 years. During his tenure he has managed various enterprise services such DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) and DDNS (Dynamic Domain Naming Services). He started to install 802.11 wireless networks in the hospital in the year 2000. This small deployment expanded over the years into the 7,000+ wireless access point network it is today which covers the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. He authored the Clinical Wireless Device Standards for the Hospital and sits on the Clinical Wireless Device Standards Committee. Calvin is a member of AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation), sits on the AAMI Wireless Strategic Task Force, and participates in WG06 (Working Group 06) AAMI Wireless Coexistence Standards committee. His focus over the past five years has been to bring wireless medical devices onto the wireless network in a safe and secure fashion. This includes medical device Interoperability guidelines and applying the principles of risk management when configuring medical devices for the wireless network.