Frank Cirillo
Full Name
Frank J Cirillo
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Acurity Inc.
Speaker Bio
Frank Cirillo has over 40 years of experience in all facets of hospital operations and management, including 15 years as Chief Operating Officer of his 30 year management tenure at one of the largest public health systems in the nation. Since joining GNYHA Ventures (and Acurity and Nexera, wholly owned, for-profit subsidiaries of the Greater New York Hospital Association) in 2011 as Vice President of Business Strategy, Mr. Cirillo has led the company's state, county, and municipal healthcare system group purchasing program initiative, provided counsel and advice to numerous members with Nexera, and developed and implemented GNYHA Ventures/Acurity's Supplier Diversity Program.

Mr. Cirillo's first-hand knowledge of labor-management relations enables him to advise and mentor staff across various GNYHA Ventures business units. He helps public healthcare organizations optimize supply chain operations through their membership in the Acurity/Premier group purchasing program and by supply chain, hospital, and health-system improvement engagements with Nexera, GNYHA Ventures consulting company. Adept at policy development, implementation, health provider engagement, and compliance, he has created a unique public provider group purchasing program offering.
In 2016 Mr. Cirillo's portfolio was expanded. He leads the GNYHA Ventures/Acurity's supplier diversity program and is a member of Premier's Supplier Diversity Committee. Currently in this capacity, Mr. Cirillo is heading our cutting-edge and mission driven Small and Diverse (minority and women owned) Business Economic Development HUB Project. When fully implemented the Project will: create 1,000 jobs in Brooklyn, New York; deliver added value to our member hospitals; assist Acurity members achieve internal and external diversity goals; and create wealth and health within the communities our members serve. The HUB will also serve as a New York City central physical location for participating suppliers to: be co-located; consolidate back-office functions; scale their businesses; sharpen their business plans and models; create joint-ventures inside and outside the HUB; and, attract and encourage mission-driven investment in diverse supplier networks.

Prior to joining GNYHA Ventures/Acurity, Mr. Cirillo was a C-Suite leader at New York City Health & Hospitals (NYCH&H) for almost 30 years, serving as Deputy Director then Executive Director and Chief Internal Auditor, rising to Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and finally Senior Vice President, Chief Restructuring Officer. At NYCH&H, he led the corporation's then highest priority clinical and non-clinical operations restructuring project, "The Road Ahead", in partnership with Deloitte Healthcare Consulting. The project yielded unparalleled quality care improvements and a $304 million cost-reduction and revenue-generating road-map. Starting during his tenure and continuing after his retirement from NYCH&H, the plan has been fully implemented generating additional revenue and reducing expenses well beyond the $300 million annual target goal.

Mr. Cirillo has applied his expertise to several associations and boards, including the Healthcare Financial Managers Association, the Americas Essential Hospitals Association, the Board of NYS Industries for the Blind; and the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management. He currently serves on the boards of the Integrated Delivery Network Summit Board of Educational Advisors and the Architecture, Construction, and Equipment Summit Board of Educational Advisors.

Prior to launching his career at the New York City and New York State Comptrollers? Offices, Mr. Cirillo attended St. John's University graduate program and received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. While a leader at NYCH&H, he completed a renowned year-long government management certificate program at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government; was honored as a "Top 40" Leader in Government; and, received multiple awards and honors from numerous industry associations, labor unions, suppliers, hospitals and health systems.