John Meirhofer
Full Name
John Meirhofer
Principal Medical Equipment Planner
Kaiser Permanente
Speaker Bio
John Meirhofer is a Principle Medical Equipment Planner with over 13 years of experience medical equipment for medical facilities across the United States. He has been working in the medical field since 1980 with the bulk of that in the peri-operative services during a 24-year career in the US Air Force. Since retiring in 2004, he has worked primarily for Kaiser Permanente. Mr. Meirhofer has been the lead equipment planner on 2 Medical Centers, 12 MOBs and over 200 Main Line and PM&R projects. During a one-year hiatus, he planned equipment for the California Prison Medical System, planning 32 inmate health care facility renovations. In his current role he serves as a resource for all things medical equipment in the Clinical Technology Core Group. In his spare time he competes in marathons, ultra-marathons and international triathlons.