Brad Pace, RN, BSN
Full Name
Brad Pace, RN, BSN RN, BSN
Senior Equipment Planner
Mill Creek, LLC
Speaker Bio
With 23 years of healthcare industry experience, including 10 years of medical equipment, transition planning and project management experience, Brad Pace possesses valuable knowledge of clinical operations and how to incorporate healthcare requirements into planning and design documents. Brad not only provides expertise in medical equipment planning for all types of spaces and departments, but also in overall space planning and transition planning needs. He is a registered nurse whose career transitioned from the bedside to a mixture of medical equipment and transition/activation projects. Brad's experience enables him to focus on the end goal during the planning and implementation stages, and his attention to detail is instrumental in aligning specification and installation system requirements within each project. Areas of expertise include laboratory equipment and layout, central sterile supply, medical surgical units, intensive care units (ICU), ambulatory clinics, emergency departments, physical therapy sites, radiology equipment, pharmacy layouts, operating rooms, and dental clinics for both the private section and government projects.