Your Safety

For Your Safety: Blue "For Your Safety" boxes offer additional details related to specific functions and can be found throughout the website.

Your safety, well-being, and event experience has always been the top priority of the ACE Summit & Reverse Expo. Never has that duty to serve been clearer than it is now. The enhancements to the ACE Summit employ stringent cleaning and safety practices to support the health and wellness of all attendees.

As we look forward to the 2021 ACE Summit, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure the best public health practices are being exercised. As new information and guidance becomes available, we will adapt quickly and appropriately, keeping your safety top-of-mind.

The ACE Summit’s commitment to attendees is 1) to always communicate, 2) to implement best practices, and 3) to ensure clean and safe conference spaces. View the below list of some of the safety procedures you can expect to see onsite.*

Always Communicate with You

  • Share ACE Summit Medical Response Plans
  • Communicate public health information in a timely manner
  • Offer alternate greeting options and other resources for peace of mind

Implement Best Practices

  • Implement a screening area and isolation rooms designated for the duration of the conference
  • Place hand sanitizer stations at all entry points and in all conference rooms
  • Utilize hotel staff to serve and distribute food during meal functions
  • Offer a wellness attendant onsite to focus on attendee safety
  • Limit the number of items distributed to and between attendees
  • Require all third-party vendors to follow all guidelines for safety and sanitation in place by the ACE Summit

Ensure Clean and Safe Conference Spaces

  • Include longer breaks between sessions to allow time for hotel staff to clean breakout rooms
  • Limit the number of chairs per table and cap the number of people per room
  • Designate an entrance and exit doors for each room
  • Use directional signage of conference space routes to allow for safer paths to and from functions
  • Place floor markings to show the appropriate social distance at any functions involving lines
  • Clean booths and common areas regularly throughout the conference

*Due to the unprecedented and unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, this list may be altered and is subject to change.

Please contact John Kelly at 859.523.5701 with any questions about the ACE Summit's attendee safety initiatives.