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Whether you were unable to attend this month's ACE To You, want to listen again, or are traveling and using that time to learn, the ACE Summit offers you the chance to stay up-to-date in the healthcare construction industry. The previous month's descriptions and link to the recording are listed below. Contact Trey Beuttel at 859.523.5701 with any questions or issues.

ACE To You: Asset Lifecycle Management

Thursday, September 23, 2021 | 12pm ET

Healthcare Capital Asset management is vital to patient care. The COVID pandemic has strained the Global Supply Chain, creating ripple effects all across the healthcare capital equipment landscape. With budgets being cut, effectively planning and managing your organization's captial equipment assets is crucial. Facilities are having to make decisions on sourcing new capital equipment items, find innovative ways to extend the life of their existing equipment, and plan for the uncertain future.

Join Jennifer Siber, USPI Consultant/Fixed Assets with Tenet Healthcare | United Surgical Partners International and Wade Byerly, Principal with Medical Equipment Resources & Consulting as they discussed innovative approaches to lifecycle management, contributors to remaining useful life and metrics in managing asset performance and equipment planning.

Jennifer Siber

Fixed Assets / USPI Consultant

Tenet Healthcare | United Surgical Partners International, Inc

Wade Byerly


Medical Equipment Resources & Consulting

ACE To You Webinar: Renovating Occupied Operating Rooms

The OR is a vital part of the healthcare facility and patient care delivery. In 2017, Inova Fairfax embarked on an ambitious plan to renovate their existing Surgery Platform.  The project consisted of the phased renovation of 28 operations rooms, 2 Cystoscopy rooms which included a satellite pharmacy, equipment storage, support/space rooms, sterile core, and scrub section. At the core of this project was a strict focus on defining project goals to improve deficiencies from decades of incremental growth, maintaining original design goals and concepts throughout the phased implementation, all while addressing the dynamic and changing environment of surgical services and healthcare technology. 

Ryan Bradley, Project Manager at Inova Health System, John Mohan, Senior Associate, Shen Milsom & Wilke and Robert Sanz, AIA, Principal at Wilmot Sanz as they discussed the complexities and challenges involved in a phased renovation that included bringing 30 OR’s online with the most advanced technology all while maintaining current workflow.

Ryan Bradley,

Project Manager

 Inova Health System

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John Mohan, EDAC,

Senior Associate

Shen Milsom & Wilke

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Robert Sanz, AIA, NCARB, cLSGB,


Wilmot Sanz

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October ACE To You

Mohammad Alai

Architect and Senior Project Manager

Read his bio here.

Kim Shinn

Executive Principal and Senior Wizard
TLC Engineering Solutions

Read his bio here.

ACE To You: HVAC Considerations in the Age of COVID

The COVID-19’s viral transmission raised questions about HVAC ventilation in hospitals and health systems treating COVID-19 patients. In October’s ACE To You, TLC Engineering Solutions’ Executive Principal and Senior Wizard, Kim Shinn, and AdventHealth’s Architect and Senior Project Manager, Mohammed Alai, will discussed the latest information on viral transmission as well as offered guidance on implementing facility adaptations for housing and treating COVID-19 patients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Distinguish the differences in viral from other microbial infection transmission, given the unique nature of the novel coronavirus, to recognize the opportunities for specific infection mitigation in a healthcare setting.
  2. Assess and adapt existing HVAC systems (including air handlers, filters, ductwork, and controls), medical gases, and essential power to transform them for temporary accommodation of COVID-19 patient housing and care.
  3. Prepare measures for adapting alternative care sites, such as lodging and dormitories, to house and care for non- COVID-19 acute care patients to free up in-hospital resources
  4. Identify and qualify non-traditional air-cleaning technologies for use in healthcare applications to mitigate infection transmission.

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September ACE To You

Christine Gorham

Director, Development

Read her bio here.

Steve Jackson

Flad Architects

Read his bio here.

Brad Pollitt

Vice President, Facilities
UF Health

Read his bio here.

ACE To You: The New Master Plan
Post-Pandemic Strategic Capital Considerations

The COVID-19 pandemic forced health systems to tighten their budgets, limit non-essential spending, and reconsider planned capital projects. With predictions suggesting a slow, tedious financial recovery ahead for many health systems, strategic post-COVID considerations will be necessary for all stakeholders in capital projects. From free-standing construction versus expansions, how and when to use a developer, and buying versus leasing, this ‘ACE To You’ webinar will dissect a number of prevalent planning, design, and construction questions. Further, this panel of stakeholders from various aspects of capital projects will offer insights on new questions and considerations, share lessons learned from recent projects, and discuss trends in capital projects post-COVID.  

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September ACE To You


Healthcare Studio Leader
Orcutt | Winslow

Read her bio here

Bret Marin, MS, CASAC

Vice President, Sales and Development
Horizon Health

Read his bio here

David Stewart, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Orcutt | Winslow

Read his bio here. 

ACE To You: Behavioral Health Program
Ensuring Success in the Wake of a Pandemic

With 43 million Americans experiencing mental illness each year, and a global pandemic forcing the quarantine of all residents, the need for additional behavioral health resources is essential. In this session, we will uncover how hospitals and health systems can ensure their new behavioral health unit will contribute to the financial success of the organization, even during a pandemic. We’ll explore how hospitals and health systems should determine the scope, size and characteristics of a new or expanded behavioral health unit and how the design and operations impact the financial viability of the unit. From unit size to patient mix to location setting, there’s a formula that leads to the success or failure of a behavioral health program. By offering mental health services, organizations can extend continuity of care that benefits both the hospital and community. We’ll share unconventional methods along with specific examples to make sure any facility, from a small inpatient unit to an extensive standalone hospital, can achieve their goals.

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June ACE To You

Jacob D'Albora

Director of BIM-FM Services/Associate VP
McVeigh & Mangum Engineering

Read his bio here

Laura Stillman

Principal/National Healthcare Practice Leader
Flad Architects

Read her bio here

Dave Kistel

VP, Facilities & Support Services
Lee Health

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ACE To You: Where Do We Go From Here? The Future of Capital Projects and Project Teams

Recent disruptions have drastically changed the way healthcare providers conduct business in nearly all areas of their operation. Specifically, as we enter a new era of healthcare capital project planning, it is important to understand the changes to team composition, roles, and project planning expectations. This collaborative webinar will provide the owner, architecture firm, and engineering firm perspective on the future of capital projects and project teams. The webinar's interactive discussion will be centered around teaming and work methods, technology integration, expected prioritization of various project types, new facility design considerations, and on-site versus off-site considerations in the planning and design process. Panelists will also discuss their thoughts on temporary versus permanent changes to the healthcare capital project landscape as well as the importance of understanding geographic variation in the design process.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Break down the latest complexities and shifting expectations that will impact future capital projects and project teams
  • Explore strategies to optimize the planning, design, and construction process in a new era of capital project planning
  • Review successes and lessons already learned from current projects
  • Understand technology implementation considerations that will need to be made throughout the planning, design and construction process

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June ACE To You

Wade Byerly

Medical Equipment Resources & Consulting (MERC)

Read his bio here

Lynne Ingle, RN, MHA, CNOR-E

Senior Director, Equipment Planning
Medical Equipment Resources & Consulting (MERC)

Read her bio here

Kelly Byrd, RN, MBA

Advisory Services Director
E4H Environments for Health Architecture

Read her bio here

ACE To You: Cost Savings Through Informed Decisions About Your Medical Equipment

The changing healthcare landscape and increasingly tighter budgets will make it a challenge to purchase capital equipment in consideration of a hospital or health systems’ bottom line. However, making informed decisions on the ongoing usability and lifecycle of your assets can save money, delays, and headaches down the road. Through this edition of ACE To You, learn more about a data-centered approach to determine equipment reuse in construction projects, known as ERUL (Estimated Remaining Useful Life). This discipline lends itself to more effective equipment planning and provides clear metrics to validate opinions regarding redeployment by confirming the asset has sufficient remaining life to justify the relocation costs associated with reuse. 

Through this informative session, you will learn:

  • The definition and factors that make up ERUL, including how it is applied to an asset.
  • How to use ERUL as a guiding metric to support and validate reuse decisions, augmenting equipment vintage and customer feedback.
  • Practical examples of how ERUL was used in recent capital projects.

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January ACE To You

Jill Pearsall
VP, Facilities Planning & Development and Real Estate Services
Texas Children's Hospital

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Spencer Seals
VP, Construction & Real Estate
Cook Children's Health Care System

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Repurpose, Reuse, or Renovate? Breathing New Life into Buildings
New technology and medical procedures are rapidly changing the way hospitals are designed and built today. The process to decide between repurposing, reusing or renovating buildings can be difficult and requires many hours of research to create the most efficient and effective outcome. In January’s ACE To You, Texas Children’s Hospital’s Vice President of Facilities Planning & Development, Real Estate Services, Jill Pearsall, and Cook Children’s Health Care System’s Vice President of Construction & Real Estate, Spencer Seals, discussed how to bridge the gap between older buildings and today’s building needs. They also discussed when to repurpose, reuse or renovate buildings and best practices for completing projects on older buildings.

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December ACE To You

Tina Nam 
Manager, Strategic Sourcing
Rush University Medical Center 
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Shaikah Shohatee
Contract Administrator, Purchased Services
Beumont Health
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Practical Strategies for Negotiating Service Maintenance Agreements
With the considerable time and management required to purchase capital equipment, service maintenance agreements receive notably less consideration. Yet it is important to negotiate and understand the long-term costs of maintaining capital equipment. In December’s ACE To You, practical strategies for negotiating service maintenance agreements will be discussed, including prioritizing and budgeting maintenance needs, considering long-term costs, and working with contractors to receive the best rates. 

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October ACE To You

Samantha Jacques
Director of Clinical Engineering
Penn State Health
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Jacob Johnson
Director of Technology & Strategy Development
Kaiser Permanente
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Rethinking the Way You Evaluate Technology 
New technology continues to reshape the healthcare landscape at a dizzying pace. To stay at the forefront of healthcare, facilities must integrate new technologies. Yet change can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. It is important to rethink the way you evaluate new technology. This month’s edition of ACE to You featured Jacob Johnson, Director of Technology & Strategy Development at Kaiser Permanente, and Samantha Jacques, Director of Clinical Engineering at Penn State Health. Jacob is responsible for the strategy, assessment, implementation and integration of annual Medical Technology Capital Plan at Kaiser Permanente. Samantha currently works on equipment planning, expansion efforts and capital planning for the Penn State Health System.

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August ACE To You

Carol Davis-Smith
Carol Davis-Smith & Associates, LLC
Click here to view her bio.
Walter B. Jones
SVP, Campus Transformation
The MetroHealth System
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Bringing Older Facilities into the Future

As new technological advances reshape the healthcare industry, different facilities are needed to support and meet the demand. However, building new facilities isn’t always an option, so the facility must be renovated to meet today’s demands. Renovation projects from installing new technology to becoming energy efficient to meeting constantly changing regulatory codes all require collaboration from many parties.

This month’s edition of ACE to You features Carol Davis-Smith, President at Carol-Davis Smith & Associates, LLC and Walter B Jones, SVP, Campus Transformation at the MetroHealth System. Carol has played an integral role in the healthcare technology management community. As owner of her consulting firm, she provides a consultative bridge between technical, clinical and strategic perspectives in healthcare. Walter provides the strategic vision and leadership for the  planning, design, and construction of the transformation of the main campus of the MetroHealth System.

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July ACE To You

Mike O'Keefe
Managing Director
Ankura's Healthcare Real Estate Practice
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Presenting Your Case: How to Get Access to Capital

This month's webinar featured Mike O’Keefe, Managing Director at Ankura as he discussed strategies to gaining access to capital. Mike has played an integral role in the planning, development, financing, leasing, acquisition, asset management, and financial analysis of over $2 billion of healthcare projects throughout the US. He has significant experience in evaluating the business, and economic aspects of real estate assets and developing real estate portfolio optimization strategies. Mike is a published author on ambulatory project planning, financing, and development matters.

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June ACE To You

Victoria Navarro, MBA-HCM
Regional Director of Planning, Design & Construction
Advocate Aurora Health
Click here to read Victoria's bio.
Michael Pabich
Director Facilities Operations
Advocate Aurora Health
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Integrating Facilities Management and Construction Capital After a Merger

In today’s healthcare landscape, acquisitions and mergers continue to be in the headlines, but how do the changes in leadership effect the facility? From planning new expansions to managing existing renovations, the construction, capital budgeting, and facility management collaboration can lead to the success or failure of these new found partnerships. This month's panel featured Michael Pabich, Director of Facilities Operations and Victoria Navarro, Regional Director of Planning, Design & Construction at Advocate Aurora Health. They focused on their success stories with Advocate Aurora's merger, shared best practices in dealing with conflicts, and answered questions.

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May ACE To You

Dave Kistel
Vice President of Facilities & Support Services
Lee Health
Click here to read Dave's bio.
Matthew H. Stiene, PE
Vice President of Engineering 
Novant Health
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From the Boiler Room to the Boardroom: Cultivating the Next Facility Manager
Talent management is important in any industry, but in healthcare construction and facilities countless number of patients and staff rely on the facilities to run properly and safely. The healthcare facilities leader of the 21st century is facing challenges and demands like never before. This month's ACE To You features Dave Kistel, Vice President Facilities & Support Services at Lee Health and Matthew Stiene, Vice President of Engineering at Novant Health. The Panelists will discuss what it takes to be a successful, trends the next facility managers are going to see, challenges they expect to face, and answer questions from the audience.
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March ACE To You

Christopher Cooper, RN MHA, MIM
Click here to read Christopher's bio.
Isaac Larson
Executive Director, Facilitiy Planning & Development
Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
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Population Health at the Center of Design
Designers want to gain a new understanding of what really effects positive outcomes as they strive to design buildings that positively impact the health and wellness of patients, their families, and their communities. The March ACE To You panel features Christopher Cooper, Principal, Advisory Services Practice Leader at Cannon Design and Isaac Larson, Executive Director, Facility Planning & Development at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin. They will discuss and compare architecture and design initiatives that focus on population health, share the trends and innovations that are happening now, and will answer questions from the audience. 
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January ACE To You

Jim Venker, AIA
Senior Director, Facilities Contruction & EVS
Premier, Inc.
Click here to read Jim's bio.
Barbara Wagner
Senior Vice President
Clark Construction Group
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2019 Hospital Contruction Forecast
Designers want to gain a new understanding of what really effects positive outcomes as they strive to design buildings that positively impact the health and wellness of patients, their families, and their communities. The March ACE To You panel featured Christopher Cooper, Principal, Advisory Services Practice Leader at Cannon Design and Isaac Larson, Executive Director, Facility Planning & Development at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin. They discussed and compare architecture and design initiatives that focus on population health, share the trends and innovations that are happening now, and will answer questions from the audience. 
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December ACE To You

Todd Accardi, AIA
Vice President
Click here to read Todd's bio.
John Andrews AIA, NCARB
Vice President, Senior Project Manager
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Principal in Charge
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2018 Hospital Construction Recap: Architect's Perspective
Designing and building healthcare facilities requires attention to the needs of clinicians and patients, to the importance of maintaining a healing environment, increased flexibility to accommodate future healthcare delivery changes and, of course, to cost. ACE To You features Todd Accardi, Vice President at CannonDesign, John Andrews, Vice President and Healthcare Market Sector Leader at LEO A DALY, and Bob Farrow, Principal in Charge at tvsdesign. The panel will reflect on 2018 success stories, trends that they saw, and provide a 2019 forecast for healthcare architects.
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November ACE To You

Joshua Brackett, PE, CHFM
Special Projects Manager
Baptist Health
Click here to read Joshua's bio.

Sherrie Dietrich
Safety Coordinator 
Avera McKennan Hospital
Click here to read Sherrie's bio.

Albie Shaffer
VP Facilities Management
Post Acute Medical
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Latest Practices in Facilities Management
Facilities Managers must balance regulatory shifts, rapidly changing technology, and growing patient populations everyday. Society's push for ecofriendly forces Facilities Managers to find the equilibrium of responsible energy management and the expansion of todays healthcare facilities.  Studies have shown that the environment of care affects outcomes and has an impact on factors such as patient and employee satisfaction, health outcomes and overall health care quality, but the competition for capital dollars against the request for new services, spaces, and technology is fierce and the strategies implemented must be effective. November’s ACE To You  featured Joshua Brackett, Special Projects Manager at Baptist Health, Sherrie Dietrich, Safety Coordinator at Avera McKennan Hospital, and Albie Saffer, VP Facilities Management at Post Acute Medical. The Panel shared their success stories, discuss trends they see on the horizon, and answered questions from the audience.
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October ACE To You

Gloria Cascarino
Medical Equipment Planner
Click here to read Gloria's bio.
Lynne Ingle
Senior Director - Equipment Planning
Click here to read Lynne's bio.
Scott Vinson
Mitchell Planning
Click here to read Scott's bio.

Equipment Planning Strategies
Capital equipment expenditures are a large part of the budget and are closely scrutinized.  Diminishing equipment life cycles, increased regulations and tight budgets make it a challenge to purchase equipment that will improve patient care as well as the bottom line.  Making smart decisions in the planning process can save money and avoid headaches later on. This edition of ACE To You will feature Gloria Cascarino, Medical Equipment Planner for Medix, Lynne Ingle, Senior Director - Equipment Planning for MERC and Scott Vinson, President, Mitchell Planning. The panel will give examples of successful strategies to drive down costs, increase satisfaction and improve patient care. 

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September ACE To You

Larry Creech
Senior Vice President of Surgical and Emergency Services,
RWJBarnabas Health
Click here to read Larry's bio.

Jill Pearsall
Vice President, Facilities Planning & Development and Real Estate Services

Texas Children's Hospital
Click here to read Jill's bio.

Rethinking the OR
The face of the traditional Operating Room is changing. More procedures are outpatient, while the overall number of operations is steadily increasing. State-of-the-art ORs must incorporate more space, artificial intelligence, increased infection control, and be patient and family friendly. ACE To You welcomed healthcare executives, Larry Creech and Jill Pearsall, whose systems had recently renovated
or added OR facilities. They shared their experiences, outlined best practices, and highlighted the trends they see on the horizon. 
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August ACE To You

Michael Canales 
Healthcare Facilities Leadership
Program Coordinator 
Click here to read Michael's bio.
Healthcare Facilities Leaders for the 21st Century
The healthcare facilities leader of the 21st century is facing challenges and demands like never before. 
ACE To You: Healthcare Facilities Leaders for the 21st Century took a reflective look at recent industry trends and paradigm shifts in the healthcare facilities industry and profession.  ACE To You featured Michael Canales, Healthcare Facilities Leadership Program Coordinator at KCTCS, who emphasized the unique nature of the industry and the new and expanding skillsets of current and future leaders.  
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Archived ACE To You Webinars

July ACE Updates: Equipment Planning Relationships in Large IDN
In the competitive world of healthcare construction, building relationships can result in the success or failure of an organization. Join the July ACE Updates discussion on Equipment Planning Relationships in Large IDNs featuring Tamar Katz, Executive Director, Equipment Strategy, Gregg Lauder, Senior Director, Capital Equipment at Banner Health Supply Chain Services & Planning at Providence St. Joseph Health and Patricia Van Holt, Director of Equipment Planning and Procurement at Advocate Health Care.
The panelists will share insights into the challenges of creating successful relationships, how to maintain them, 
and answer questions from the audience.
Click here to read panel's bio.
Click here to listen to ACE Updates: Equipment Planning Relationships in Large IDNs.
Inaugural ACE Updates
The ACE Summit and Reverse Expo would like to thank Stan Davis, Dave Kistel and Charles Weinstein for successfully launching ACE To You.
This panel discussion features Stan Davis from Cook Children's Medical Center, Dave Kistel from Lee Health and Charles Weinstein from Children's National Medical Center. The panelists highlight major healthcare construction projects, give insights into best practices, and answered your questions. 
Click here to the panel's bio.
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