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Bluegrass Business Media (BBM) owns unique event platforms designed to effectively impact the industries we serve.  Two of these events are the ACE and IDN Summits serving the healthcare industry.
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February 17-19 , 2020
Westin Peachtree Plaza
Atlanta, GA

The ACE Summit and Reverse Expo provides leading healthcare systems, hospitals, and GPOs a unique opportunity to interact with suppliers of architecture, construction, capital equipment and facilities products and services in a neutral and open environment.  
April 27 - 29, 2020
Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate
Orlando, FL
The IDN Summit provides leading IDNs an efficient venue to interact with their GPO and supplier partners.   This unique forum allows senior IDN supply chain executives to network with and engage their peers on issues that challenge today's healthcare systems.

How the ACE Summit Reverse Expo Works

The ACE Summit utilizes a Reverse Expo format, which provides unrivaled networking opportunities for attending suppliers and GPOs to cultivate partnerships with leading IDNs and healthcare systems.

1. Hospital and Health System decision-makers staff booths.
2. Suppliers visit Hospital and Health System booths.
3. Relationships that matter are built. 

Meet the Team

Trey Beuttel

Trey Beuttel | Director, Provider Relationships and Education | 859.287.0903 | Trey Beuttel on LinkedIn
My Personal Why
Work each day to provide my family the ability to make choices to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams while never jeopardizing my integrity or values.
Fun Facts
Proud father
Former college basketball player
Diehard Kentucky Wildcats fan
TV show extra

Robert Chafin

Robert Chafin | Senior Director, Client Relations | 859.523.5778 | Robert Chafin on LinkedIn
My Personal Why

To love and serve others with the talents that I have been given, and through the experience that I have gained, in hope of leaving this world in a better place than what I found it.
Fun Facts
Proud husband and father of two
Promoted to primary walker of Terk, the family dog
Fan of anything UK Athletics and Cincinnati Reds
Once a good golfer

Jaclyn Fyffe

Jaclyn Fyffe | Manager,  Supplier Solutions | 859.523.5701 | Jaclyn Fyffe on LinkedIn
My Personal Why

Create strong relationships, learn something new every day, and help others daily through kindness and love.
Fun Facts
Huge Kentucky Wildcats fan
Lover of dogs, traveling, and puzzles
Collegiate National  Champion for UK Cheerleading

John Kelly

John Kelly | CEO | 859.523.5744 | John Kelly on LinkedIn 
My Personal Why

Fun Facts

Josh Morita

Josh Morita | Executive Vice President | 859.523.5766 | Josh Morita on LinkedIn
My Personal Why

Fun Facts

Chris Nolan

Chris Nolan | CFO | 859.523.5771
My Personal Why
Strive for a sense of daily accomplishment and achievement by impacting someone or something with integrity, humility, and a sense of humor. Gain knowledge and common sense through experiences while never losing sight of my upbringing.
Fun Facts
Huge fan of all things sposrts, tailgating and the Cats
Big jokester
Fan of Kentucky Bourbon 
Horse racing enthusiast

Taylor Stapleton

Taylor Stapleton | Director, Events and Engagement Strategy |  859.406.4226 | Taylor Stapleton on LinkedIn
My Personal Why

To foster opportunities, growth and success for others, through shared experiences, achievements and hard work so that, together, we can inspire others and impact the world around us.
Fun Facts
Live events enthusiasts 
Daily Starbucks visitor
Former Disney intern 
Always planning  my next travel destination

Ellie Wnek

Ellie Wnek | Coordinator, Marketing Events | 859.287.0787 | Ellie Wnek on LinkedIn 
My Personal Why

To work with integrity, learn unceasingly, and lead a grateful life, intent on leaving a bit of kindness everywhere I go.
Fun Facts
UK Alumna 
Involved in Choir for 13+ years
Cute shoe buyer and owner
Christmas season enthusiast (listens to Christmas music before Thanksgiving)