2019: A Year in Review

Thank you to the 2019 Sponsors

The HBM Team

2019 was a time of growth and change for the Healthcare Business Media. We announced several promotions and new hires. Read the full news release here

  • Josh Morita has been promoted to Executive Vice President. In his new role, Josh will continue assisting healthcare supplier companies in building relationships that matter.
  • Trey Beuttel has been promoted to Director of Provider Relationships and Education. He is now the primary contact for all IDN, hospital and health system executives. 
  • Jaclyn Fyffe has been promoted to Manager of Supplier Solutions. In her new role, she serves as the new contact for suppliers attending the ACE Summit.
  • Taylor Stapleton joined the HBM team as Director of Events and Engagement Strategy.  In his new role, he is responsible for innovating the on-site experience and finding new ways to engage with attendees.  
  • Ellie Wnek joined HBM as the new Marketing Events Coordinator. In her role, she is responsible for strengthening and innovating communication across HBM’s platforms.