From the ACE Vault: Sharing Inspiration

Erin Gruwell

To kick off this series of ACE Summit Inspirational Talks, we choose Erin Gruwell, who spoke at the 2019 Fall IDN Summit. Many of you have seen the movie or read the book, Freedom Writers, the true, inspiring story of Erin and a group of freshman English students who were not thinking about how to graduate, but just surviving. Erin shared with us the stories of kids coming alive when they got a chance through Erin's efforts.  

You can learn more about Erin by visiting Freedom Writers Foundation.



Future Lineup  

  • Dr. Jerry Linenger | Thursday, April 23
  • Bonnie St. John | Friday, April 24
  • Kevin Sorbo | Monday, April 27
  • Jim Kelly | Tuesday, April 28
  • Scotty Smiley | Wednesday, April 29
  • Lee Woodruff | Thursday, April 30              
  • Hassan Tetteh | Friday, May 1
  • Jessica Buchanan | Monday, May 4

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