From the ACE Vault: Sharing Inspiration

Scotty Smiley

In 2005, Major (Ret.) Scotty Smiley’s platoon was attacked by a suicide car bomb. Shrapnel from the attack left him blinded and temporarily paralyzed. Following the attack, Scotty began rebuilding his life, continuing his military service, and becoming the first blind active-duty officer in military history.

In today’s Inspirational Talk, Scotty reflects on the importance of surrounding yourself with a strong team amid adversity. His inspiring story reminds us that we need each other to overcome challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can learn more about Major (Ret.) Scotty Smiley by clicking here.



Future Lineup  

  • Lee Woodruff | Thursday, April 30              
  • Hassan Tetteh | Friday, May 1
  • Jessica Buchanan | Monday, May 4

COVID-19 Resources

In collaboration with partners, we are closely monitoring guidance on the outbreak of respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, known as "COVID-19,” and have prepared resources for providers. 

We are offering the following resources on the website:

If there are additional resources that would assist you during this time, please contact Taylor Stapleton

Hospital and Health System Employee Assistance Funds

The ACE Summit greatly appreciates the work of all healthcare workers. Through The Rosa Fund Foundation, we are donating to Hospital and Health Systems' Employee Assistance Funds (EAFs).

Contact John Kelly at 859.523.5701 with your health system's EAF and we'll provide a donation to support your supply chain professionals that need assistance.