The ACE Summit brings together stakeholders to improve healthcare delivery focusing on world-class Architecture, design and construction processes, streamlined Capital Equipment purchasing programs and enhanced Engineering methods for hospitals.  Interact with your peers throughout the Summit -- strike up a conversation with someone sitting next to you in a breakout session, grab a beverage at one of the receptions, share a meal at your table, chat at the Reverse Expo.  The ACE Summit is designed to maximize networking opportunities for you at every turn.  Meet new people. Catch up with old friends.  Build relationships.  Making your business better.   That’s why the ACE Summit is committed to providing opportunities for Networking That Matters
  • Make connections with other attendees during the open format breakout sessions
  • Enjoy meals with new faces and new associates
  • Build relationships during meal functions
  • Forge lasting partnerships in the Reverse Expo
  • Chat with prospects at each of the receptions
  • Make valuable business contacts at the Evening Business Exchange
  • Have fun!
Click on the links below to learn more about Networking That Matters at the IDN Summit, because you matter to us!