• The Alignment Advantage: Communication Workshop
Interactive session that identifies and explores each participant's communication style and defaults building new paths for communication, collaboration, trust and effective working relationships.
  • Beyond Customer Service: Gracious Hospitality® Best Practices
Beyond Customer Service: Gracious Hospitality®: Best Practices offers an in-depth review of Biltmore's Service Standards that lay the foundation for every guest interaction.  A step-by-step examination of Biltmore's best practices in gracious hospitality offers participants practical tactics that can be immediately applied in any organization serving others.
  • Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is a common theme pulsing through the business world today, but not all organizations understand the meaning of engagement and the significant impact it has on their bottom-line.  Engagement is more than job satisfaction – it’s living and breathing the company culture to create real competitive advantages.  Biltmore lays the foundation for employee engagement with job applicants before the offer has ever been made, then builds upon that foundation through a unique selection process, results-oriented training programs, proven engagement tactics, and continuous observation, encouragement, and measurement.  Employee Engagement offers participants an in-depth understanding of engagement from the ground up, sharing best practices and tools for achieving a true culture of engagement that permeates the entire organization.
  • Storytelling as a Business Strategy
While storytelling is as old as time, Biltmore has harnessed the power and pleasure of using stories to create engagement and loyalty to our brand.  Memorable and inspiring stories give employees a sense of being part of something bigger than themselves; of being connected to something they can identify with and be proud to share with others.  Your stories often trickle down to your clientele, as well, and can create a powerful emotional connection.  Stories can illuminate aspects of your organization that create pride and interest, and, after all, wouldn’t we all prefer to patronize and serve in a business with a unique or inspiring story to tell?  Storytelling as a Business Strategy offers participants an opportunity to hear some of Biltmore’s most magical stories, and learn how to use storytelling to elevate your client and employee relationships thus building your brand.  Participants walk away with Biltmore’s best practices in storytelling, a method for identifying your company’s most powerful stories, and insight on how to communicate your stories for maximum impact.