2019 Inspirational Keynote

Keeping the Humanity in Healthcare
Lee Woodruff
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Having served as a caregiver to both her husband, ABC’s newly appointed co-anchor Bob Woodruff who suffered a traumatic brain injury after he was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq, as well as to her father as he battled and ultimately succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease, Lee Woodruff brings strength and compassion as she reminds audiences that the things people value most in healthcare are those that are free to provide and take little time.  

Through these trying experiences, Lee Woodruff, co-author of In An Instant, the #1 New York Times best seller, recounts her story of how life can change in an instant for us all. Woodruff’s stories of respect and kindness by healthcare professionals are reminders that the human side of healthcare is just as important to the patient and their families as the medical treatments they receive.

In a time when so many aspects of the healthcare experience are being automated and digitized, maintaining human connections with the patients and their loved ones is as valuable and powerful as the most expensive medical device.