Professional Development Keynote: Taking Care of Yourself

Thursday, March 4 | 10:00 am ET

Quint Tatro

 Managing Director, Joule Financial, Commentator, CNBC, Host, DIY Money, and Professor of Finance, University of Kentucky

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Are you setting goals for yourself, your family, and your team? If you are setting goals, are they financial, personal, spiritual, or other types? Do you find yourself forced to deal with your parents’ financial situation? Are you trying to make sense of the tax implications from all the recent federal legislation dealing with COVID-19?

Quint Tatro is a nationally recognized investment professional that works with individuals throughout the United States and a regular commentator on CNBC. Since January 2019, his DIY Money podcasts, where he takes a passionate look at everything, have become one of the fastest-growing podcasts on Spotify.

Quint will share with us his views on where the markets are going, what you should be doing with your money, how to help others as they navigate investing in 2021, and how to have important talks with family and coworkers about a topic many folks put-off, finances.

Investing in yourself, your family, and your teams on both a financial and professional development basis is vitally important for your wellbeing and continued success. Quint will offer his insights on a range of topics and take your questions on issues most impacting you during this ACE Professional Development Keynote.