Capital Equipment Track 

Managing capital equipment purchases is a complicated process with unique challenges and opportunities. Even as capital equipment projects resume post-pandemic, it's clear new strategies are needed to successfully navigate a changing healthcare landscape. This track will examine major aspects of the capital equipment planning process, including reviewing existing plans post-pandemic, prioritizing capital spending amid changing needs, and securing your capital supply chain.

Managing your Capital Supply Chain

Thursday, March 10, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Moderator: Christine Dickinson

Panelists: Jay Kirkpatrick & David Seydler

Healthcare leaders have faced an unprecedented challenge to secure their capital equipment supply chains and ensure continuity in both material and human capital. Backorders for capital products and labor shortages can result in costly delays and downtime on critical equipment. Diversifying the capital supply chain, increasing product transparency, and improving collaboration can be key to mitigating disruptions. Hear from healthcare supply chain leaders as they share strategies to enhance the capital supply chain, manage labor shortages, and collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the factors contributing to the current shortages with the capital supply chain.
  2. Describe the ways a hospital with limited resources can do more with less and incorporate flexibility in capital projects.
  3. Develop strategies to enhance the capital supply chain and manage shortages in human capital.
  4. Outline best practices for effective collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

About the Panelists

Jay Kirkpatrick
Full Name
Vice President, Supply Chain Operations
LifePoint Health
Speaker Bio
Jay Kirkpatrick has more than 30 years healthcare supply chain experience including 5.5 years as a hospital materials manager with Humana, 24 years with HCA at the corporate office, division supply chain services center, and HealthTrust GPO, and 6 months as the VP of Supply Chain Operations with LifePoint Health. Jay was elected to the Board of Directors for AHRMM in 2004 serving on the BOD from 2005-2007. Additionally, Jay was elected to the AHRMM executive committee in 2007 and served as the President of AHRMM in 2009.
David Seydler
Full Name
AVP, Capital Equipment Services
Speaker Bio
David Seydler brings over fifteen years in capital equipment best practice and clinical experience.  David has been in his current role as the AVP of the Capital Equipment Services team at HealthTrust since February 2020. Prior to that, he worked operationally with several IDNs on Capital Life Cycle Management and consulting projects. Before joining HealthTrust in 2016, David worked at MedAssests/Broadlane as a Capital Service Line Director as part of their Capital & Construction Services team. Before working in the Group Purchasing industry, David was an Anesthesia Technician at Medical City Arlington in Arlington, Texas.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of Texas, Arlington.  He currently resides in Middle Tennessee with his wife and 3 children.