Consolidated Services Centers (CSC) Track

The growing popularity of CSCs within the healthcare industry has created a buzz too loud to ignore. The ACE Summit recognizes the need for better understanding in how these facilities operate and has committed to facilitating the best educational outlets available to meet that need. We’ll be hosting leading CSC researchers, operators from top healthcare supply chains, and provide open forums for you to discuss the future of CSCs and what that means for you and your organization.

Idea Exchange: CSCs Warehouse Construction 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Session Leader: Michael Langlois

In an effort to minimize spending and improve the healthcare distribution process, many hospitals and health systems have chosen to take matters into their own hands with self-distribution through CSCs. Of course, there are countless considerations to be measured before implementing a CSC into your supply chain distribution system. One of the key areas to focus on will be the construction of your distribution warehouse. Join this discussion that will cover all areas of consideration when implementing a CSC into your system and how to best facilitate the construction of your warehouse.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Classify the key areas of analysis when evaluating your Consolidated Services Centers construction needs.
  2. Outline strategies for evaluating what services will be housed within your CSC and how they will determine various construction decisions.
  3. Determine best practices for evaluating the complex real estate considerations of your CSC construction.
  4. Evaluate the various pros and cons of self vs. 3rd party-operated systems and determine how these will factor into construction needs for your facility.