PDC Expo Guide

Company Logo:

This logo will be used on the ACE Summit website, mobile app, pre-event/promotional emails, and onsite signage.

  • Transparent, .eps format required

Company Listing:

Include Company Name, Company Address, Contact Phone Number, Contact Fax (Optional), Contact Email Address, and Website

On-Site Attendee Registration Information:

Contact us for registration instructions.

In addition, please designate which attendee should be our onsite contact, and include their cell phone number.

Virtual Attendee Registration:

Contact us for registration instructions.

PDC Expo Guide Full-Page Listing Due:

PDC Expo Guide Specs:

Full page bleed: 5.5” wide x 8.5” high with a .25 bleed margin

Full page non-bleed: 5” wide x 8” high

Please keep all significant visuals (images/text/etc.) within the "live area safety zone". Safety Zone size is 4.75'' x 7.75''.